Dallas Workouts

Feb. 12, 2019

One of the questions that I get often is where do I like to workout? 

I am all over the place..I love to try new places but I am also a creature of habit. 

Once I find a place that I really like, I will go there for years. Being a teacher myself I find things in teachers that resonate with me, challenge and inspire me.

A few of favorite places in Dallas are.. 


Black Swan Yoga – This place is hip, badass art murals, black lights, trap music (for some classes) and the 3 owners of the Dallas locations are full of spirit and inspiration. If you take Noah’s Breath Hype class you will feel high af! Claire teaches a hard class but from the sweetest soul and always touches my heart! You better be ready to shoot some love guns in Joy’s class and smiling is a must (covered in sweat, of course). They offerer early morning classes all the way to 10pm candle light classes and honestly all of the teachers there offer something different and it is beautiful. If you want to get certified they offer 200 hr certifications or if you are interested in an inversion workshop you will find all of your needs at this studio!http://www.blackswanyoga.com

Uptown Yoga- With Uptown Yoga you have three studios to choose from. The soothing environment invites you to uncover a more eased way of being. You can catch some awesome workshops and they offer retreats to Bali and let me tell you how awesome it is! I went on this trip two years ago and can’t wait to go back. I also got a 200hr Teacher Training with the owner Jennifer Chitwood, it was life changing. Not only does she lead the Bali retreat and teacher training but when she is state side, she teaches and her classes are lead with intention and alignment. You can feel the love that goes into her own practice. They also offer workshops, tea ceremony and the long list of instructors are all very dedicated. http://www.uptownyoga.com

We Yogis- If you are looking for a studio with daycare, look no further. They have multiple studios that offer this service. Even though I am not a momma yet, I have friends that are and they express how important this is! The studio I attend is the Uptown location (no daycare at this one) but I love to go to Zoe Mattiolis Deep Stretch and extended meditation class. If you are looking for something that will kick your ass MJ teaches the Sculpt or even any of the Rockin yogis classes will leave your heart and muscles pumping!! They are known as the studio that offers Yoga for All. They also offer kids classes and teacher trainings. Check out their website for more info! http://www.weyogis.com


One LaGree-  It’s not Pilates, It’s LaGree. You will know what this means when you attend one of these 45 minute classes.  The workout is like pilates but on a mega-reformer and steriods at the same time. If you are like me the first time that I took this class I knew it was hard but I did not sweat that much. Little did I know, 24 hours later I would be feeling soreness even between my ribs! It makes you long and lean. I love this studio, the owner is a badass momma from California.  She opened this studio that is located at Oaklawn and Blackburn almost 2 years ago.  I have a love hate relationship with these classes, mostly love but the instructors do not let me slack. They encourage fast transitions and proper alignment.  If you are into an abs and ass class, go see Kat. She will have you your booty and abs poppin So many great instructors and they all offer their own style of teachings. If you decide you want to teach here you can also get certified with them!http://www.onelagree.com

SESSION Pilates- Where classy ladies spread their legs.. You can choose from Dallas or Lakewood locations. The leader of this tribe teaches classes that always sell out. Her name is Brittany, this studio is unique in the fact that they don’t have a staff; everyone who teaches at SESSION is an owner . They offer 50 minute classes that gets you out of your head and connects you to movement. They even offer advanced classes that will blow your mind. Make sure to book your bed here, they book up quick. When you go you will understand why.http://www.sessionpilates.com 


The Refuge- All you need to bring is yourself, and maybe if you do feel like shopping, your credit cards. They do offer some yoga classes but the meditation classes is what I was drawn to. If you are into taking  workshops (maybe even one with me), a singing bowl meditation or even a vision board class they offer it all. With late night candle light meditations this place will have you zenned out.  They have jewelry, crystals and stones to choose from. If you are like me, you will want to take at least one home with you. You can feel the love and energy that the owners put into this place. Rachel and Alex fox, the sibling duo are Dallas natives with roots that run deep. They will make you feel right at home. Come check out this place, get cozy and zenned the f out. Maybe I will see you there! http://www.refugedallas.com

Some of these studios are on Class Pass, this makes it easy to try all the studios in lots of cities. If you have not tried it yet, sign up here and enjoy a discount. http://class.ps/e0CVw