Body Detox

Feb. 12, 2019

RED LIGHT SPECIAL ♥ Lymphatic Drainage

aka The infrared Sauna– It is a combination of invisible and visible light.  The infrared rays vitalize your cells and metabolism. The infrared rays activate our sweat glands. This is one of my favorite ways to eliminate toxins and detox. 

Personally I like the heat, it doesn’t seem as hot to me in an infrared as it does in a normal sauna. I am on a mission to detox my high levels of mercury. (I have another journal post on my health) But I have been getting in the Infrared Saunas 5 plus years and I love it. Soooo many health benefits and really is a mood booster. It can calm down your nervous system, boost your immune system, helps with pain relief, collagen boosting, anti-aging, improves circulation, detoxes heavy metals and makes skin glow. It is the perfect time to rest, catch up on a podcast or even meditate.  I have worked my way up to 30-60m minute sessions. You might want to start with 15-30 sessions and see how you feel. If you are like me you will be hooked, in such a good way. 

I absolutely love it when people try the Infrared Sauna for the first time and message with about the results. I recently went with my friend Sarah to my favorite place in New York City.  This is an amazing experience. I will admit you do have to be able to handle a little pain…No pain in the sauna only with the strong hands of the women doing the massage. First they bring you in a room and you strip down, can’t be shy. They evaluate your inflammation and talk to you about draining the lymphatic system in the body.  Then one of the ladies will slather your thighs, abdomen and upper arms with a special mix of magnesium.  You get wrapped in a black plastic wrap and off to the Infrared sauna you go.  They suggest you sit in the sauna to warm the body up and it makes it ideal to move them Lymph system along for proper draining. The time in the sauna is from 15-20 minutes. Once this is finished they walk you to one of the treatment rooms. This is where you think you are getting ready for a massage and you are however it is more of an awakening than a nap.  Depending on how many times you have been or how inflamed you are will depend on if they use their hands or add in some tools.  For me they used both and oh baby baby. I was holding onto that table and working on my breath!!! Do not get me wrong I loved it, after it was over and I could see the results.It also makes me feel sooooo good. If you follow me on my Insta stories you know about my obsessed to both the Infrared and Lymphatic drainage massage. I can admit that my favorite part of the massage is when they work on my stomach. Maybe because I have been working on my digestion and gut issues for years. This seems to make my gut, mind and brain connections soooo happy.