authentic self

Feb. 27, 2019

The authentic self.

Have you ever thought about the person that you would be if you let go of everything?

The person you were the moment you were born, fresh into this earthly plane..

Before the programming..

The you that you were as you took your first sip of air..

Before you were told to be nice, smile, how to be a good boy or girl, what was right or wrong.. what would we all be like if we were our true selves and not the people that our parents, teachers and other mentors told us we should be… they can only teach us what they were taught. 

If they were also programmed to be a certain way and do what they were taught, then it is up to us to change the pattern . We can be open to a higher self just by letting go and accepting the person we are behind closed eyes. When you are alone with your thoughts, who are you? What do you think about? 
What concerns you? 

Are you following the path you were told to take?

Or do you step out of the comfort zone and remember the feeling of freedom?

Of course as we grow from babies, to children,  teenagers and then adults (or so we think)…we can get educated, fill ourselves full of knowledge and growth but this isn’t the programming I am referring to…    If we are all raised in a different way (because no two households are exactly the same), how would we be if everyone was raised the exact same? Or what about the free children, the ones that the parents did not discipline them or even tell them to say thank you? Did they learn by example or from their own mistakes?

My mind often wonders how many people are hiding their light because someone once told them they were shining too bright?

I do not have the answers to this.. just something that I have been personally working on. Releasing the trauma from earlier in this life and also past lives. Personally I had a hard time being the bright starseed that I am because I was shushed..shhhhh..not right now..or sit down you are dancing around too much and even had a teacher make fun of my accent because we moved from the south to the far north here in the States and I did not sound like everyone else, so this kept me from wanting to read aloud. Someone also told me that my writing wasn’t good, imagine that now that here I am writing..

These people influenced my life and the way that I am…

How will you influence the people in your life?