Daddy’s girl

Feb. 11, 2019

October 15, 2018. Scariest day of my life. 

The day began with a text that led to a phone call that put me on my knees.  Completely taken back by what my friend Shelly told me. What? omg. fall to the ground. 

I am a strong person but no one is prepared for a call like that..

What do you mean? 


I threw a few things in a suitcase and waited for a driver all while booking a flight home.

Daddy, I am on my way.

That was my mantra, over and over.

With three flight delays I finally got diverted to a different airport and made it there. When I landed I asked for a sign and I got the most beautiful double rainbow that I had ever seen. With a 80 minute drive to the hospital I arrive to find that my daddy was still in surgery. The 2nd one of the day. First they worked on stopping the bleeding of the internal 0rgans and then he had a 6 hour surgery to save his left arm. WOW was I not prepared for this. But my entire being was filled with so much gratitude. He was alive!!!! 

The next 11 nights.

ICU.. SICU and MICU.. 

If you know about these you have either experienced trauma, heartache, heartbreak or been down on your knees, 

This daddy of mine is a strong man. A survivor, the most loving and honest man that I have ever met. He is genuine to his word, a hard worker, a cowboy and served this country for 28  years on the police force. He is a kind soul. When he speaks I listen. He has always set the best example for me.. ( not that I always followed it) But for the most part he was the strong hand that led me in the right direction. 

One thing that I learned during these long months of his recovery was not only did I look up to him but so many others messaged me or came to visit at the hospital with stories. Most of the words sounded like this..

He has always been there for me.. he is like a dad to me.. he helped me in a time of need.. he saved me from a tragic event.. he gave me the best advice.. 

and it goes on and on.. but I never knew any of this. I know that he is a good man, but I wasn’t the only one who thought this way. 

I could not and still can not even fathom the thoughts of why and how this could happen to someone like my daddy but it did. 

6 surgeries, 11 nights in ICU and so many nurses, doctors, surgeons, Daddy’s girlfriend and all family to thank for all of the love and support.

I still think back to when I arrived at the hospital. Just seems like a dream. I guess when you are in a state of emergency the adrenaline kicks in the sleep and food becomes a second thought.  I am not sure if I actually slept at all those nights that he was in ICU. I was on edge, just waiting for a call. The moment my cell would ring..he has a high fever, swelling or going for another surgery…My mind was on the healing. I was getting certified in 200hr yoga meditation teacher training at the time. I put it to use. Normally having permission to work with a client is necessary. I did not feel the need. I took it upon myself during the visitation hours to breathe with him. (pretty sure I had the entire floor inhaling and exhaling lol) I also used Reiki on him…every day..every visit..I had never felt more grounded and up in the air at the same time..

Fast forward to today.. He is still healing. 

What a process and journey it has been. We are extremely blessed but damn.. from completely normal and healthy to being hit by an 18-wheeler. Mind blowing..

Everything can change in the blink of an eye.. 

Remember that we have all been here before..

Hug your loved ones..

Smile at the strangers..

Be nice to your body and your mind…

Make that call..

You won’t regret it.


With the most love ever, from my heart and soul..

I love you Daddy