Joshua Tree

Aug. 31, 2018

One of my favorite places in the States to rid anxiety, start gaze and breathe it all in aka let it all out is Joshua Tree. Being in the wide open spaces, the dessert wind and smell of fresh air. With Mercury in retrograde, these things have become a must. As I write this I am dreaming of a starry night in the dessert…

Living in Dallas, I often feel the need to getaway. To spend time in wide open spaces. The feeling of having lots of space is something that is often forgotten with this concrete jungle that lots in.  I love traveling to cities but the more I grow, the more I appreciate the simplicity of life.

I am definitely that person who needs to spend lots of time near the ocean but also thrives in the mountains and I also feel really comfortable in the city. Something different about each one that all soothes my soul. Have you ever really thought about how different places do different things to your being? Maybe your soul has been there before? Maybe in a past life, I mean you do believe in that sort of thing, eh?!  Kind of like when you have deja vu. (the feeling of having already experienced the present situation)  When you start to pay attention to the things that are showing up in your life along with your feelings toward to them life can really start to make sense.

When I was in Joshua tree the last time I had all of these feeling of familiarity. I was there for a Dirty Blondes photoshoot.  You can check out the website if you haven’t yet. But when we were there it was really magical and so beautiful.  Something about the air was a smell that reminded me that just because I had not been there in this lifetime did not mean that I had not been there before. ..

I would love to hear if you have ever experienced anything like this! feel free to comment or leave me a message!