The Container of Love Podcast 008: Astrogeology, Nodes, Life Purpose and Feng Shui with Dara Dubinet

Jun. 15, 2021

This week’s podcast episode is with Dara Dubinet, a Life direction specialist, a maverick of sorts, blazing a trail globally for vibrancy, health and happiness. 


She inspires others to get to their next level of greatness by making choices that lead to a life that is clean, clear and bright. 


Her intuitive gifts enable her to be aligned and guide herself and others.


Tonics, feng shui, decluttering, astrogeography, the north nodes are just some of the tools in her magic life toolbox, which we talk about in depth in this episode.


Here are some of the specifics we go into:

  • What Astrogeology is
  • What your North and South nodes describe within you, and how it’s pivotal to know yours
  • Node lines and how they mean different things in relation to your life’s purpose
  • The power of biohacking
  • Top benefits, tips and tricks of Feng Shui 

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