The Container of Love Podcast 014: The Benefits of Lymphatic Massages and Body Contouring with Josie Rushing

Aug. 17, 2021

This week on the podcast, I sit down with Josie Rushing, a Celebrity Massage Therapist and one of the names behind the Brazilian Lymphatic Massage. 


Josie is Brazilian born & raised, and has been working with body contouring & body wraps for the last decade. She has seen thousands of different shapes & sizes of Latinas, Europeans, and American women. 


After studying the Lymphatic Drainage technique and system with a host of specialists from Brazil, Miami, Las Vegas, and New York, combined with more than 10+ years of marketing experience, she’s decided to create and introduce her own technique to the United States.


Listen in to hear about: 

  • The benefits of lymphatic drainage massage
  • How often you should do this type of massage
  • The difference between a lymphatic massage and regular massage
  • Her compassionate company values


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