The Container of Love Podcast 012: Personal Growth, Powerful Mindset Transformations and Tapping into Intuition with Sascha Haert of The Yogi Lab

Jul. 13, 2021

This week on the podcast, I sit down with Sascha Haert, business consultant & relationship coach for high achieving, purpose-driven female entrepreneurs & executives. 


We talk all about the power of meditation, and how to create a powerful life transformation by accessing what you deeply want at your core.


He helps his clients step fully into their confidence & power whilst being authentic leaders impacting their lives, plus the people around them and the world. 


Sascha has an extensive personal development toolbox and various techniques, including NeuroLinguistic Programming, Emotional & Sensual Intelligence, Life Coaching, and powerful meditation & visualization techniques. 


Listen in to hear about: 

  • The biggest changes he has noticed within himself from meditating
  • How meditation can help you on your personal growth journey
  • About the Yogi Lab and how it helps you get in tune with your spirituality
  • Go-to biohacking techniques
  • How to start processing trauma and how it helps you elevate into your higher self
  • Tips to taking your dreams into action


Sascha is also an author, investor, and entrepreneur of multiple businesses in Europe & South East Asia.


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