The Container of Love Podcast 005: The Power of Intention, Creativity and Balance with Satya Twena

May. 25, 2021

This week on the podcast, Lindsay chats with Satya Twena, designer, creator and entrepreneur. 


Satya’s first entrepreneurial endeavor started in 2010 when her mother asked for a soft hat to cover her bare head as she began losing her hair from cancer treatment. 


Satya continued making hats for herself, her mother and their friends out of her NYC apartment using a jiffy steamer and her home oven.


Satya owned and ran Manhattan’s last hat factory, Makins Hats until 2017. Now, Satya and her team continue to preserve the legacy of handcrafted hats. She now works in her studio in Ojai, California. 


In this episode: 

  • How Satya’s family of creatives sparked her journey to hat making
  • Ways to keep your integrity and boundaries in your business 
  • The spiritual process Satya takes when creating a hat for her clients
  • Tips to balance motherhood, business and relationships
  • Rituals that can help you tap into your inner child


Listen to the full episode to hear more about Satya’s incredible perspective on connection, balance and parenting.


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