Mar. 02, 2019

Deep into the wild unknown.

The deepest depths of my heart and soul..

Confronting myself in human form.

The familiarity of what comes through, isn’t by chance.. how could it be?

We are here to make a difference, to be the change, face our dark side, shine through the broken parts and never give up.

There was a point in my life, actually not that long ago, where I felt like it was my time to step out of the comfort zone of where I had been and into the womanly roll that I am here for.  With zero hesitation things started to align with the way that I was headed, the thoughts I was having and it directed me on my path. When this started to happen  I felt like I only had one choice..If you are like me, you listen to your intuition..

I was making no choices on my own, simply letting the Universe be my guide.

I started noticing things about myself that I had not really noticed before, some made me smile and others immediately make me sit up straight. That is the moment when the light bulb goes off and it is an instant growth spirt!

HELL YEAH, that moment of complete bliss that we constantly chase.

The moments that we experience where time is irrelevant and seems to stand still, going too slow or too fast… For me, I prefer the later. You know, that feeling when you are with someone and it’s been 2.5 hours and seems like 30 minutes.. YES Please!! Is it just me or is it no denying that the chemistry between those people could not be more aligned?!! I can still feel it in my heart as I write this.

Between each sleep is a perfect opportunity to be open to growth and full of gratitude. I am on this path too,  everyday.