Feb. 19, 2019

Where the mind goes, the energy flows?

Have you ever thought as far as.. the things we watch, the conversations we have, the people we are connected to, the food we eat are effecting our thoughts and moods…

Being an Empath, and picking up on others feelings/energy is something I really have become aware of. It is easy for me to get run down just by being around a crowd of people. Nothing against big crowds or even small groups, it is just the way I am wired. 

I recently experienced my body feeling sick, only because someone that I am close with had the flu at the time.  I did not have flu like symptoms however I was restless and could not sleep. While lying in the bed I was sending this person so much healing energy however I gave them all of mine as well. Just a little rest and some self care we are both feeling better. When we are energetically connected to another person, it is wild to experience symptoms of what they have going on. It can be really high, highs or really low, lows. 

Having a daily meditation practice and journaling everyday seems to keep me on track.  The workouts that I incorporate depend on how my body is feeling. On the days that I am worn down and need rest I like to do a gentle yoga class, mat pilates, take a walk or just meditate. When I have more energy I will take a LaGree class or hit up one of my favorite yoga studios that offers a more high energy class!

Food is something that I have realized is also really important, especially on the days that I feel I am sharing a lot of my energy. During that cooler months I tend to eat mostly cooked warm foods and on the warmer months feed my body raw salads including fruits.  I try to stay away from anything that is processed and lean towards foods that are grown organically on this beautiful planet.