moving detox

Aug. 31, 2018

To move or not to move? 

Ahh, I love the feeling of a new place. After the unpacking, sorting and putting things away it brings about the sensation of a detox! Does anyone else feel this way? Deciding what has not been used or worn. Maybe even what has memories that just don’t serve you any longer and you choose not to carry them over to your new place. Well this is what makes me happy about moving! We have the choice to decide what comes and what goes. I like to think that some things have served their purpose in my life and will be better off with someone else.

We are so familiar with detoxing the body. We drink the juice, sweat in the sauna and take the supplements but why is it so hard to let go of material things? I am very sentimental. I would never get rid of anything that has been passed down from my grandparents. When my dad gives me jewelry it is something that I treasure.  I use to hold on to old pictures, letters and anything that had a good memory with it. Now.. not any more. I think to myself… why did I not do this sooner.. every. sinlge. time.

Where to start..

Well all depends on what you are can’t live with out. I like to box those things up first, if its a maybe, it is a NO. Give it away, sell it or just trash it. One place that was eye opening to me, my kitchen cabinets. I started laughing at myself, thinking how am I going to drink out of all thirty of these water bottles. I donated most of them.  I moved on to all of the plastic things, chunked them all.  (I found out I have a plastic toxicity..I will post about that soon) Any pot or pan that had scratches..bye..I just kept going. It kept feeling better and better. I was prepared to feed a family of twenty five with all of the dishes. So I gave some to a friend and decided to only keep what I needed in my new place. The rest of the dishes that I just could not part with, for sentimental reason, lol went into storage.. Then my favorite part..The closet ahhhhh… I found that I still had things from ten years ago. I have not worn some of these things in that long but they were in there because of the memories. I allowed myself to keep a few and allow the rest to move on.  The last thing to pack were my books. I love books and I have a lot of them. This is the first time I have decided to give some away!

Just remember to follow your intuition, that gut feeling. If you are not ready to give something away and think that you might regret it. Keep it until you are ready. But make room for the new..