from india with love

Aug. 30, 2018

Traveling to a place far away with the hope of coming home with a new appreciation for the way that I live my life. Flying to the other side of the planet, it was a goal of mine to be present in the moment. To take in all of the smells, the people and the energy that India has to offer. The Food was a different story They call it Dehli Belly for a reason, eh… I mean if you don’t get food poison, did you even go to India. lol, I know from experience it isn’t pleasant. I was fine until the last few days of my trip and I am so thankful it was at then end and not the beginning. (or I would have wanted to come home sooner, YES, it was that bad)..

The GOOD did outweigh the bad..

The girls at The Women’s Interlink Foundation proved to me that a smile is the same in every language.All of the girls are under eighteen and are very vulnerable. After being taken in from horrible situations they are provided with a safe place to live, great education and nutritious meals. They were so excited to see us and show us around. We got to see them cooking, sewing, dancing and practicing yoga.  This place has a special place in my heart. It is where I have been donating a portion of my proceeds from Desert Bliss and Dirty Blondes.