The Container of Love Podcast 003: Red Light Therapy for Health and Wellness with Wes Pfiffner of Joovv

May. 11, 2021

This week’s podcast episode is with Wes Pfiffner, who is a member of Joovvs leadership team, and leads all their marketing efforts.

Lindsay and Wes talk about Joovv as a company, and how it was founded on the principles of red light therapy. Together, they talk about the many benefits of sunlight, why it’s so important to stay connected to nature, and how you can use red light therapy to transform your well being and relax deeply.


Wes shared a lot about the science behind red light therapy, and how our relationship to light has evolved over the years. 


In this episode: 

  • What red light therapy is
  • The science behind how red light therapy works
  • Tips to get deeper, more restorative sleep
  • How Joovv was created
  • How it reduces inflammation and supports whole-body healing
  • How often you can use red light therapy


Connect with Wes and Joovv

Connect with Lindsay