The test

Sep. 09, 2019

When the words are hard to express because the feeling is like any other.

I passed the test was the message that I got from the Universe last night. I PASSED THE TEST!!!! I was shown so many of the things that I have done right, the good choices, the nice conversations, the studying all started to make sense, doing what is right because that is what is in my heart, being shown that living with intention and walking with grace is how I was living without even noticing.

THEN…. This was when I realized that I passed the test (only last night but the passing of the test came to me back in June, I just got it as a realization last night..funny how and when the messages come)

Knowing that this life is really precious, that we create our own reality and we are our own biggest obstacle.

When the puzzle pieces all come together, like when you are finished with the puzzle and decide to glue it and then frame it to hang on a wall. (not that I have done this but saw it on vacation once and thought that must have been an important moment) Like that kind of good, you realize that you are everything and you are nothing. It all is a miracle or that is how I choose to see my reality, however I am the one projecting it and living in it.

We come into this world to live a human experience and I am living it to the fullest, doing the things that set my soul on fire. Getting to spend it with people that are vibrating on the same frequency as me and celebrating life daily.  Receiving the message of passing the test and looking back to see how it has been done in a healthy and positive manner makes my eyes smile. It doesn’t end here, just a moment of reflection as a reminder to keep going and doing what is right for me, what ever this might be. I am the only one who I need to make happy and then along the way my light only can help others shine brighter.

The lessons continue, as I had a profound night. I woke up in a bit of a blurred mind.. another lesson or test.. It came and I only let it take up a bit of my time, allowed it to pass and talked it out.. Just because we do the work does not mean that the humanness stops. We are only attracting things on the same frequency that we are at. This is why it is so important not to put the wrong puzzle together and try to make it fit for too long. For me, once I passed the test from the past years everything fell into place like never before but I had to experience humility, surrender, joy, happiness and LOVE on my own. This was part of the test. Then The Universe was like here ya go… WOW did the universe show me exactly why I had to do all of that work for myself to get me to a place of giving and receiving.

I found myself in a state of bliss.

Loving my work.

Loving myself and in return I found a great Love who was waiting for me.