Podcast faves

Mar. 04, 2019


I love to listen to a good podcast. I also love to listen to music but if I am alone and have the choice to learn or to be distracted with music I lean towards the podcast.  It doesn’t matter what you are into there is a podcast for you.. Want something comical, serious, talking fashion, about health and wellness or just down to learn something new? I prefer a good mix.  When you think about it we are going back to the days of talk radio, now we just get to choose what we want to hear. It isn’t just about sports and news but if that is you think you can find plenty of that as well.

This list is in no particular order, I love so many of them and a few of these I can call friends.

Elevate the Globe- These ladies are elevating themselves and all of us. This podcast I can listen to for days. It is spiritually driven and they talk about everything from Kundalini, health, family, EMF reduction, Veganism to traveling around this planet and so much more. From the very first time I met them I was instantly hooked. I had the pleasure of spending time with them in Los Angeles and doing Kundalini. We ended up having amazing conversations and instantly bonded. After that weekend I think I listened to almost all of their previous recorded podcast, that I had not already listened to.  Their podcast just makes me want to do better overall and take care of this planet that we all live on, yet it also is so informative that you just can’t get enough of it. These badass girls are like superheros.. Not only do they have a podcast, they are working on a book, they host retreats (I am going to the Joshua Tree one that is coming up soon) in places like Bali and Joshua tree. They are also involved in their community that includes a 528 Academy (yes I am a member) all while Britt is supported by her hubby and a Mom to a little human (goals) and Tara is a dog mom (like me)! They are really raising the bar for what it means to Elevate the Globe! You can find them at http://www.elevatetheglobe.com

The Balanced Blonde- Soul on Fire, and she does just that. Jordan Younger is on of my favorite light beings that has landed on this planet. She has the voice of an Angel and her spirit is so pure that there is no way you could ever get enough. Jordan is also a blogger, poet, yoga instructor, author of Breaking Vegan and of the Soul on Fire Yoga ebook, she is also a mom to her Cat Hudson and newly engaged!!! I love Jordan dearly! She and I have lots of mutual friends but we originally met in person during a retreat in Palm Springs.  It was an instant connection and felt as if we had been together in a past life!  But back to her amazing podcast,  want to learn how to communicate with your pet? This is also where I first  learned about Shaman Durek (who also has a killer podcast) and have had my own private sessions with him. I have learned so much about her battle with chronic lymes disease, water fasting, food allergies to everything spiritual. She will explore a different realm and it will have you drawn in. She also brings on her parents and fiance’ for some realness and the solo episodes are epic!     http://www.thebalancedblonde.com

The Skinny Confidential- His & her Podcast, the husband and wife team and they are dominating the podcast game. Lauren Evarts Bosstick is not only gorgeous but she’s the brains behind the super successful blog, The Skinny Confidential, she is an author, podcaster, wife and dog mom.. Her other half and co-host of the popular podcast, Micheal Bosstick is CEO of Dear Media, Woo for Play, Jet Bed Inc. and a serial entrepreneur. They are one of the hottest couples in the biz. They like to keep you more than interested with each episode being a little more in depth than the next. always funny, they dive deep into topics that most couples would be hesitant to talk about on air. I must have listened to every one to their podcast, some more than once.  It seems that they are just getting better and better the more they interview some of the most wanted guest.  I am always excited to see who their next guest is going to be. They are so real and its nice because you can tell that they become friends with most of their guest. Not only do they interview people but they have actual conversations and when they travel they still record episodes. I must admit some of those are my favorite. Lauren also has her hubby on a fabulous skin care routine and they love to spill all of their secrets.  If you follow her on instagram you know that she loves to have a good glass of wine or bubbly and her food is on point. GG Cracker lover like I use to be before I found out that I can not have gluten.. I think you get my drift on how this podcast will make your treadmill so much more enjoyable! Check them out on all outlets but especially the podcast.     http://www.theskinnyconfidential.com

Aubrey Marcus- he is the founder and CEO of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. He is host of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast, and let me tell  you it is full of conversations that are with some of the brightest minds in almost every field. He talks about his committed but open relationship with Whitney Miller, interviews everyone from his step father to Joe Rogan and has the most impressive group of friends that he experiences plant medicine with and boy oh boy do they share their experiences. It will have you hooked for days and wanting to go to Peru.lol.. He is also an author of a New York Times best seller called Own the Day and a life-coaching course Go For Your Win. He had a big awakening this past year when he was in a really horrific car accident where he almost lost his life. (around the same time as my dad’s, if you have read that post) My dad and I were both reading his book when both of the occurrences took place. I highly suggest it if you are looking to up level your game! http://www.aubreymarcus.com

The LIFESTYLIST podcast- with Luke Storey, the handsome motivational speaker, kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, world class biohacker and founder of the world’s first and only fashion school for stylist! This man has me hooked on so many life changing bio-hacking devices! From red light therapy to infrared saunas (and you know how obsessed I am) are all available at his online store.  How much are you ready to up level yourself? Well with this podcast at your fingertips, the sky is the limit.  Luke talks about everything from his childhood trauma, leaving as a teenager and moving to Hollywood all the way to his sobriety life that he lives now.  That isn’t all that you get, that is just the start of things you will learn.. From plant medicine, emf’s, supplements, green juice and even his dog Cookie!! He also is vulnerable and real, makes it feel as if you are listening to a friend. http://www.lukestorey.com