Aug. 31, 2018

clink clink


To drink or not to drink? Why is it that we know something is bad for us, yet we continue to do it?

I love coffee and a good green juice but nothing like a fun cocktail with friends. Walking away for a couple of days in Los Angeles has me rethinking my drinking choices.  Not that I even drank too much just the fact that my body is dehydrated and tired. Ready for a good sweat session and detox. Healthy food and lots of water is what is calling my name!  I want to wake up and feel good in the mornings. When I am dehydrated not only does it take a toll on my body but also my brain. A little foggy and just want to be cozy in the bed watching movies instead of my usual active days. To realize that a celebration should happen every day but it just does not have to include alcohol or cake lol but it can!