Aug. 31, 2018

Sage me baby, sage  sage me baby… 

The tunes I hear in my head as I go to light my sage! lol 

My mantra, positive in and negative out! I ask anything that does not serve me to please exit out of the door or the window and bam!!! I sleep like a baby that night and not a crying or teething baby.. 

The old scared rituals of burning sage has become so main stream. 

Sage aka Smudging 

My favorite benefits of burning sage.

  1. It is purifying
  2. It can be a part of a spiritual ritual or morning practice
  3. Bye By negative energy
  4. Boost your mood
  5. helps you sleep like a baby
  6. Increases your energy levels

For me these are things that I have experienced! Give it a try.. If you are looking to buy some sage ckeck out