Aug. 31, 2018

One of, if not, my favorite place that I have ever traveled to.  Bali, the only Hindu island in Indonesia, is where the Rainbow Serpent and Plumed Serpent meet to form a zigzag pattern (Swastika) as they cross this beautiful land. These deviations slow the earth currents down so that the processes of purification can be more easily performed. The swastika, a hindu symbol, is predominant in Balinese architecture and culture and represents happiness, longevity, and prosperity.

This place was something that revitalized my faith in magic. It was everything from the people, the food and the energy of the Universe! I LOVE it there is an understatement. I can wait to go back! Until then I will keep my meditations in a Bali state of mind. I find it hard to put it into words its so good..