What’s in the GUT?

Aug. 31, 2018

Did you know that the Gut is known as the second brain?

The gut is the seat of intuition and where we get that “gut” feeling! How many of us grew up with our families saying that they” had that gut feeling” about something? I know that mine did and the more that I understand, the more that makes sense.  It is our Intuition  and it as been all along!  

I started having stomach issues along time ago… and after hospital visits, biopsies and the yucky colonoscopy I finally get to the root of the issue. I decided to take the more holistic approach. A friend suggested that I see her Doctor who practices Integrated Health. This was the answer I had been looking for!

Better late than never! Right?!

I arrive at my appointment time and walk into this extremely welcoming office. Hot tea, filtered water and was greeted but multiple people. I sit down and wait my turn. As I get called back and go over my paperwork we start to talk nutrition. I am a VEGAN, yep that is what I told her.. And I was until we got the results from all of the blood work. That was the next stop, just across the office is the lab. This is where they drew seven vials of blood just for this first round of testing.

I go home and wait.. almost two weeks before we get the lab results back. In the mean time they call me back to run a few more test, Urine, Saliva and blood all three this time.

dun da dun… Almost one month later I finally have all but two test back and get in with Dr. Christianson. Only a 4 month wait and it was totally worth it. She delivered my results to me in a kind way that I needed to go home and process. I found out that my gut biome was not where it should be. I have something called Leaky Gut, and luckily this can be repaired.

First things first.. I am no longer a vegan and that is okay.  It is a process to start eating fish and eggs again. I had really enjoyed being animal free for two and a half years. I will continue to eat as plant based as I can just adding in wild caught salmon, halibut and sardines.. not sure about you but this is my first time trying sardines. I am also eggs for breakfast and getting creative with food that I can add an egg to.  Dr. C also suggested that I lay off the go easy on the alcohol and the caffeine. I do love a good glass of red wine and coffee. I was dedicated to healing but they were already limiting me on so many on so many foods I was thinking one thing at a time!

I enjoy cooking my own food and eating at home. The zucchini waffle has taken front seat in the recipe folder.  I saw a post on my friend Kayleighs Insta story. I made it that very day and every day since then.  With my food restrictions this is a perfect way for me to feel like I am getting to venture out with out eating things my body is rejecting.  You can make your own version and here is mine..

Zucchini Waffle♥

2 small spiraled organic zucchini

one cage free egg

onion powder



Mix this together in a bowl and transfer to your waffle maker. You can top it off with an egg and tomatoes or with whatever you choose!

Make your food with love and so much gratitude for the nutrition you are about to consume.  From the farmer who plants it, waters and picks it. The people who package it and ship it. The transportation that get the food to the store to the people who put it on the shelves.  From the shelves to your kitchen where you are creating love for you and the people you are sharing it with. ♥

So with that being said, I had more testing done and find out my Mercury levels are through the roof.  There goes the fish and eggs…  If you are thinking what I was thinking. How does a Vegan get Mercury poisoning? Let me tell you, I had no idea. But comes to find out when I went to India last year I followed protocol and got the shots I needed to enter the country.  I  did as suggested, I believe it was 5 shots and 1 prescription that I received. My doctor at the Integrated Nutritionist office told me that the metal binding the shots together is Mercury.. You have go to be kidding me. I am fit, I work out every day and for goodness sakes I was Vegan.. How do you get any healthier? It turns out that my body is so sensitive that it rejected the shots and the Mercury bound together and now I have a high level. Ahhhh deep breath and immediately went to, how do I detox this and heal myself.  I have taken every chance that I get to heal and run with it. Mostly including the Infrared Sauna.. (if you have not read my post on it please do)